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Hyperice Normatec 3.0 Leg Attachment

Pair - Black/Tall

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Hyperice Normatec 3.0 Leg Attachment Pair

The Normatec leg attachment features premium materials and overlapping zones for gapless compression to create a restorative massage that is shown to increase circulation and help you back on your feet.

Includes premium grade locking zippers and a specialized foot design that applies compression to the bottom of your foot without squeezing your toes uncomfortably. Control unit not included.

- Standard legs: 161-191cm body height, 71-86cm inseam, less than 74cm tigh width (circumference)
- Short legs: less than 161cm body height, less than 71cm inseam, less than 66cm tigh width (circumference)
- Long legs: more than 191cm body height, more than 86cm inseam, less than 76cm tigh width (circumference)

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