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HeatX Heated Ziphood Womens XL


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Heat Experiece Heated Zip Hood

The Core Series Heated Hoodie is the perfect all-round garment for a wide range of temperatures and activities. The high-quality technical fabrics are not only functional but are supremely comfortable. Breathable, flexible technology that can tackle high tempo activities, but keep you comfortable in your everyday life with its well-tailored fit. With heating elements strategically placed on the chest, back and over the hands you have warming in the places most commonly plagued by cold. Whether you are in the backcountry, at a sporting event or running errands, chilly weather will not slow you down. Use the Heated Hoodie underneath a jacket as a mid-layer or as a stand alone garment. However, you might find this hoodie becomes your favourite fall and spring transition jacket.

Our hoodie isn’t just for when you know you’ll be outside. Office air conditioning can really make your shoulders and hands chilly, even in summer. Pop your hoodie on and say goodbye to frosty fingers and desk blankets! You can even use the hand heating elements to heat up your favourite pair of gloves when you are outside. (Of course we have heated gloves, too.)



- Rechargeable 6000mAh Li-ion polymer battery
- Carbon fiber heating elements on the front and back
- Carbon fiber heating elements over the hands
- Highly breathable and moisture wicking materials
- Up to 8 hours battery life
- Super soft and comfortable fabrics
- 3 heating levels
- Machine washable
- 2-year warranty

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Size XL