Interlayer and outerwear with built-in battery heat


Heat Experience makes practical interlayer and outerwear with built-in battery heat—all products designed with functional solutions, fit, and thought for the intended area of ​​use and activity.

Built-in warmth enabling us double up on positive experiences


Heat Experience has hit a nerve with an extensive group. We humans like comfort. Spending time in cold weather is a big part of living in the north; we are active, love to go to the mountains and forest, support sports events, or go for short walks in the local area in varied weather. With built-in warmth in our gloves, soles, vests, sweaters, or seat pads, these activities become more comfortable and enduring, enabling us to double up on positive experiences.

Perfect pick for you who are tired of freezing


Heat Experience is a Norwegian brand


The idea of ​​battery-powered heating garments has long been a dream. In 2016, the desire to design own hiking gear, which both look good and fit the European conditions, became a reality. The Heat Experience team comprises a small group of enthusiastic outdoor people who have spent much time outdoors in cold surroundings.

Heat Experience is a Norwegian brand that carries high-quality heated products sold in Norway and all over Europe.

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